Apple II europlus Rev0

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Hi guys,

I've been very lucky and found a really nice apple II !
You'll find some pictures attached.

The motherboard is the rev 0 board number 675.

I think, but not sure, that the case is the original one. The bottom is not painted under the power supply and the case has two small ears that I never seen before. The paint has few scraches and is not as resistant as the paint on my others apple II. As you can see, the case number has been removed.

The keyboard and the power supply (110-230) are from an apple II, but more recent, late 78.

The straps correspond to the modification describe here by Mike Willegal :
and there is an other modification on the 7th slot that I have not identified yet.

All the chips have been changed, apart from the character rom dated 7723 and maybe one 74LS04 dated 7705. I can't understand why someone would do that?? OK for the roms, but all the chips??! Maybe it had some issues at a point ?

It seams like the chips has been changed in 1984.

I bought it from the original owner (the second original owner I suppose) who bought it as an apple II europlus in 1984.
I don't know what's his story but it is really unusual to find apple II parts here since the apple II was never really sold in France. Before the II europlus, we had clones like the ITT2020.

It's not working for now.

So, what do you think should I do?
Repairing and leaving like that? Should I replace the chips and try to find 77 parts and an apple II cover? Should I remove the straps?

thanks for your help !

ps : I'm looking for Integer roms if someone has that Smile

IMG_5282.JPG1.1 MB
IMG_5283.JPG1.34 MB
IMG_5298.JPG1.19 MB
IMG_5293.JPG1.53 MB
IMG_5297.JPG1.66 MB
IMG_5284.JPG1.86 MB
IMG_5285.JPG1.27 MB
IMG_5292.JPG1.11 MB
IMG_5301.JPG1.48 MB


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Re: Apple II europlus Rev0

I think you should just send it to me since it doesn't work, I'll cover the shipping cost Wink
Seriously, I love that board. It's yours, so you should do as you wish with it. Personally I love seeing the old mods that were done to the early stuff be they repairs or just modifications.
Very nice purchase, congratulations. Hope you get it working, this is certainly the place to come to for help if you need it.

I already gave away any ICs with datecodes that early that I had to another collector looking to return a Rev 0 to its original state so I cannot help you there.

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Re: Apple II europlus Rev0

Thanks for your answer Zan,

You're right, it's nice like that and I'm going to leave it as it is. Part of it's history.
I'm just going to clean it and repair it.

If you look closely, there is actually 7 different types of ram on the board ! Smile
(Sharp, nec x2, ti, fairchild, mostek and motorola)

I still try to understand the modifications. I need to draw the schematics.
Does anyone knows what the modifications around D11 and D12 on the sync counter circuit are for?



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Re: Apple II europlus Rev0

soldering to pins of Charchip: piggyback upgrade to Uppercase Chars
solderings to LS161/LS153 enhancing from 4 to 7 colors like explained in
"Garcias circuit cellar".



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Re: Apple II europlus Rev0

Hi speedy, would you got a link to the article that explain this modification?
For what I saw, a 74LS02 and 74LS74 are needed to had colors and there is only one extra ls02 on my board.