MPC AP-16 memory card

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Hi folks! I recently received an Apple II Europlus here in Australia, and it contains an MPC AP-16 memory module. I can only see one reference to this card online, from a news group 20 years ago.

Anyone familiar with it or have any idea what the switch might do?

Card Front1.86 MB
Card Back1.76 MB

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Re: MPC AP-16 memory card

Yes, the switch toggles from the F8 ROM on the motherboard to the F8 ROM on the card.
Apple's own Language card is basically the same except you have pretty lights on yours.
(I like the lights...)

I notice the EPROM slot on your card is empty. You need to fill it with (likely) a
non-autostart ROM. Just keep in mind this is for F800 to FFFF code space.
A good reason for using this is for (say) putting a non-autostart ROM on the card from
an integer basic set) so you can flip from autostart to non-autostart.
Folks who did code tracing (cracking, as example) would use this feature. Others would
use this for code development that had the auto-boot routine built in. There were other
reasons as well.
But this wasn't a cure-all for non-autostart, because coders got smart and started using
the memory in the card itself for their own autostart routines as part of code protection.
Then, along came the crack-shot and Wildcard solutions... Smile

You could also put an EPROM on this card with you own changes to the F8 ROM routines,
but you'd need an EPROM programmer for that as well.