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The new smartwatch for Mac

You’re eagerly anticipating the announcement of a new smartwatch for your Mac. Here it is.

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Power Mac G4 (MDD) ATX Power Supply conversion

One dead G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors) power supply. There's nothing visibly wrong that might have been an easy fix, and the PSU is pretty densely packed with a lot of silicon caulk applied to keep components from shifting. Better to start from scratch with an ATX power supply...

Cinema Display: repairing the DVI connector

I posted a question in the forums about repair of a cinema display 20-inch, whose DVI connector was broken off. I finally have the solution and a working Cinema display again and as promised in the thread I would post the info regarding what color is what pin. So here it is.

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Apple USB keyboard repair

Disassemble and repair an Apple USB keyboard using tinfoil and superglue.

Glowing Wallstreet

Modify your PowerBook G3 Wallstreet's case so that light from the LCD will pass through the Apple logo.

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Intel Mac mini: Take Apart Guide (RAM & HD)

This guide describes how to take apart the Intel Mac mini and upgrade the RAM and hard drive.

Repairing the PowerBook 5300

A design flaw in this PowerBook inevitably leads to a flakey power connector. Learn how to repair it.

Experiments with the Apple Motion Sensor

Apple's latest PowerBooks contain a "Sudden Motion Sensor" to prevent damage to the hard drive. Learn how you can use this sensor output to gather data or play games.


Remember a few words but forget where you saw them? Memento provides a clean and easy interface for searching Safari's cache.

Power Button Mod - Change the Stock LED on a G4

How to swap the power button LED in a Sawtooth G4.

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