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Power Mac G4 (MDD) ATX Power Supply conversion

One dead G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors) power supply. There's nothing visibly wrong that might have been an easy fix, and the PSU is pretty densely packed with a lot of silicon caulk applied to keep components from shifting. Better to start from scratch with an ATX power supply...

Glowing Wallstreet

Modify your PowerBook G3 Wallstreet's case so that light from the LCD will pass through the Apple logo.

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3.5" hard drive on laptop/Mac Mini internal IDE

Want a cheap way to add storage and speed to a stationary laptop that might not have Firewire or USB 2.0? Disappointed that your Mac mini uses a puny little laptop hard drive? If you've got a desktop hard drive that you'd like to connect to either of these, it's possible with a little work.

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The SportPod is a custom, weatherproof iPod case made from an old sports radio. Learn how to build your own.

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Darth Maul PowerBook

Spooky, no?

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Painting the inside of the plastics preserves the shine.

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PowerBook 3400 Pictureframe

A guide to building your own digital picture frame out of a Powerbook 3400.

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Mighty Kat!

A sleek blue Powerbook 2400

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UFO Mouse

The mouse glows...

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Apple FireWire case

An old SCSI case... or a new Firewire? An elegant modification.

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