Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

TAM Spartacus

How do you mark with prestige and elegance the 20th birthday of the most influential and important company in the history of the microcomputer? For 20 years, Apple had the will and motivation to create a new design rather than a new computer. The designers, with Jonathan Ive at their head describe the principal design features as beautiful, refined, with few cables and efficiency, and most important, wicked fast.

eMate 300

eMate (Apple's Photo)
The eMate 300 was released in the midst of Apple's tumultuous economic period, with Gil Amelio at the helm, and little more than red ink flowing from the 'doomed' company. In an attempt to reach Apple's traditional base, a Newton for education was developed.



The total coast for this system, motherboard and extra 4k of Ram memory and the cassette interface board, if you paid the full price for this Apple1 system it would have cost $861.66 and it had no graphics. The Apple 1 computer outputted 40 characters per line to the screen. This also did not include a Keyboard, the two A.C. power transformers needed, the tape cassette recorder and a case to put your Apple computer system into.

Apple 1 For Sale

Complete and Apple I for sale



6502/6800 CPU's

The Apple I could use either a 6502 or 6800.

Adding Memory

Adding memory to the Apple I.

The Beginning

The Beginning...

Powerbook 5300 Prototype

Clear Powerbook 5300
A clear prototype of the Powerbook 5300

The Clear G3 Powerbook "101"

Clear-cased Powerbook G3/333
A clear prototype of the G3 Powerbook "101".

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